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Wellness Center

Wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe and head upstairs to our wellness center where time flows a little slower…
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Opening hours
Every day 10am - 10pm

Pool and jacuzzi

The most popular part of our wellness center is, of course, a large swimming pool (11x6m / depth 1.5m) with counter current, a children's favorite waterfall with a fun bubble bench, a bottom nozzle for foot massage and a jacuzzi.

Steam sauna

The ever so popular steam sauna combined with essential oils has a highly beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and is also suitable for those of you who do not like the Finnish sauna with its high temperature and low humidity. We now newly offer popular body scrub rituals with salt.

Relaxation room

Enjoy relaxing together in a peaceful environment after a sauna and let the pleasant scents and soothing music do the magic. In a cold weather, you can wander off to the terrace to cool off after your sauna round and get some fresh air at the same time.

The Heated Bench

A popular spa equipment that warms your body through and through. This relaxing bench is a place for you to regenerate and take a breather, ideally right after swimming in the current or after a massage.

Kneipp Walking

A popular medical therapy where the alternation of water temperatures combined with reflexology of the soles of the feet helps to boost blood circulation, improve immunity and ease the cold foot syndrome.

The Spa Bar

In between your sauna rounds, after a massage or fresh out of the jacuzzi, stop for a snack at the bar with a cup of nice tea, coffee or a glass of wine and just enjoy the vibe.

The Gym

Good quality treadmills, fitness machines and exercise bikes - simply everything you need for a good workout.