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Massages & spa treatments

We offer various procedures for everyone to be able to feel pampered…
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In case you do not find what you were looking for from our massages or peelings, we also offer very popular and sought-after luxury treatments with Thalgo cosmetics.

Baths and wraps

We highly recommend trying one of our fragrant baths or wraps. It will relieve not only your skin, but also your muscles and will certainly completely calm your mind.

Resonance bed

Vibrating sound therapy gradually flows throughout the body in order to reduce stress and is suitable for people of all ages. It has a beneficial effect on the whole organism in terms of physical, emotional and mental aspects.

Ozone box

Regular ozone therapy is focused on deep detoxification of the body and significant loss of adipose tissue. It also has a beneficial effect on skin healing and elimination of problematic cellulite.


In winter, it can partially replace sunlight and refresh the tired organism. It can help overcome spring fatigue and depression. Use our Ergoline Power solarium for quality preparation for natural sunbathing by creating vitamin D3.