PREMIUM hotel Znojmo - wellness hotel Jižní Morava, firemní akce, svatby Znojmo

PREMIUM hotel Znojmo - wellness hotel Jižní Morava, firemní akce, svatby Znojmo

Minorite monastery

Distance from the hotel: 1,6 km
GPS: 48°51'20.02"N 16°2'37.16"E

Minoritský klášterThe building of a Minorite monastery (later used as a Franciscan monastery) was a part of the former "Znojmo Assisi", built in the 13th century. Shortly after Znojmo was promoted to royal town after 1225, the order of Minorites settled in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the royal castle.


Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St. Catherine

Distance from the hotel: 1,6 km
GPS: 48°51'19.41"N, 16°2'36.582"E

Rotunda P.Marie a sv. KateřinyA unique Romanesque rotunda of St. Catherine is the only completely preserved landmark of the Přemyslid ducal castle in Znojmo, founded (allegedly) by Duke Břetislav I. as a part of the fortification of the south border of then-Přemyslid Moravia.


The Znojmo Castle

Distance from the hotel: 1,6 km
GPS: 48°51'20.49"N 16°2'32.96"E

Znojemský hradThe castle is now accessible via a new "south access route". The entrance is located to the left of brewery gate. From there you will go along the fortification wall offering views of the historical downtown and the Dyje River valley. Further via the building of the town information centre to a lookout point under the St. Catherine Rotunda and across the bridge that connect the castle premises with its barbican.


Town hall tower

Distance from the hotel: 1,8 km
GPS: 48°51'19.999"N, 16°2'55"E

Radniční věžThe old Znojmo town hall that was built in 1260 was completely destroyed in a big fire of 1444; and its tower collapsed as well. As a part of town hall reconstruction the tower was built as a separate building. It was built in the late Gothic style by Mikuláš ze Sedlečovic between 1445 and 1448.


Znojmo catacombs

Distance from the hotel: 1,8 km
GPS: 48°51'20.97"N 16°2'56.99"N

Znojemské podzemíThe catacombs of Znojmo represent a unique form of historical landmarks, not just in the context of the Czech Republic, but in the context of Central Europe as well. It is a system of underground passages and cellars that has 4 floors and is almost 27 kilometres long. Two dates found on the ceilings suggest that the underground system was first built between the 14th and 15th century.


House of the Arts – Znojmo

Distance from the hotel: 2 km
GPS: 48°51'15.01"N, 16°3'2.582"E

Dům umění – ZnojmoThe House of the Arts in Znojmo is headquartered in one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces to be found in Znojmo, it was built on the place where two Gothic houses used to be. Early Renaissance facade, to the right of the portal, features fragments of the original sgraffito decoration with allegoric anti-war motives.


The Louka town pool in Znojmo

Distance from the hotel: 3.7 km
GPS: 48°50'20.803"N, 16°3'42.506"E

Městská plovárna Louka ve ZnojměModern swimming pool in Znojmo near the PREMIUM hotel is suitable both for active swimming and pure relaxation.



Distance from the hotel: 1.9 km
GPS: 48°53'8.33"N 16°2'12.84"E

Jesuitical cross-vault ceiling cellar is the largest cellar of its kind in the world. It features a unique triple cellar vaulting and it was built by Jesuits in the middle of the 18th century. Monument of Prokop Diviš, the inventor of lightning rod.
PREMIUM hotel Znojmo - wellness hotel Jižní Morava, firemní akce, svatby Znojmo

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