PREMIUM hotel Znojmo - wellness hotel Jižní Morava, firemní akce, svatby Znojmo

PREMIUM hotel Znojmo - wellness hotel Jižní Morava, firemní akce, svatby Znojmo

Znojmo is a town with an unforgettable atmosphere, the town of wine, apricots but also a town proud of its talents in swimming and hockey.

Znojmo is one of the most interesting historic towns of South Moravia. You can find there a lot of architectural monuments of artistic value. In addition, the town is a center of viticulture and its close surroundings are attractive for tourists. A sightseeing tour around the large historic town center including a visit to at least one of the local exhibitions of the South Moravian Museum and the popular underground cellars and corridors may take a whole morning. There are numerous opportunities for a short walk or bicycle ride to the town surroundings. The recommendations include a trip to a nearby National Park or the Palava Heights. The route back from Šatov via Havraníky, Popice and Konice back to Znojmo will take you to several vineyards and to a marshland on the top of the Kraví hora (Mt.) offering a nice view of the town. You must also not forget to visit the wine museum in the Louka Monastery.

Znojmo is a historical city with its narrow meandering streets Its history goes back to the 13. Century and it s beauties are under the protection as an area of the National Heritage.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active vacation in Znojmo for those who cannot imagine their life without sports. We give you a list of the most important sports venues.

The Podyji National Park is a beautiful piece of land in the south west of Moravia. On the czech side, its area covers total of 63km2. On the Austrian side of the frontier, it continues as the Thayatal National Park.

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